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Below are just some of my latest dives.

Latest Dives

Blue Cod Kisses

March 12, 2023

Off to Mermaid's kitchen for a Sunday afternoon dive. It was relatively calm out so Nate and I had a minute by the dive buoy for a picture.


I was able to navigate us to some of the swim-throughs in Mermaid's Kitchen East.

Swim-Throughs: Before and After

At the midpoint of our dive we ran into some of the resident blue cod, including this good sized one.

Bold Blue Cod

This one was so bold, he even gave Nate a kiss on the cheek at 1:05 of this video!

Blue Cod Kisses

After that it was time to turn around and head back. I even managed to navigate us almost right back to where we started!

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swim through

March 12, 2023

did a really cool swin thorogh on this dive!

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Square Jellyfish

February 26, 2023

The south coast was a little rough so the dive club headed to the more sheltered Bait Shed site. Nate and I were a little ahead so we got before everyone else and headed west.

Lots of life on the site and we were looking at things when a small square jellyfish drifted directly in front of Nate. We never would have noticed it if it hadn't appeared immediately in front of him. We followed it until it eventually attached itself to a bit of seaweed.

Square Jellyfish

There also seemed to be a lot of wandering anemone at the site too.

Wandering Anemone

Finally we came across a bottle and had to take the obligatory drinking picture.


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Everett Toews
TBT: 197h 22m